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 Flipper® Racks
Flipper® Racks

Holds 1.5/2.0mL microtubes
Flip side holds 0.5/0.7mL microtubes
Sturdy polypropylene construction
With or without lids
Bright, attractive colors
8 rows 12 columns with molded indexing for easy reference


8 rows 8 columns
A great replacement for card or metal freezer racks.
Molded indexing is featured for easy reference
Perfect for sequencing
One side has 32 wells for 0.5mL type tubes with 8 larger positions for 1.5 or 2.0mL tubes.
Flip side has the opposite configuration: 32 positions for 1.5mL or 2.0mL tubes with 8 smaller positions.
Both sides have molded indexing.
 4 way Flipper® Racks
4 way Flipper® Racks

Rugged polypropylene construction
Bright colors
Suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (-90°C)
Press racks together to lock into a larger rack.
Create your custom laboratory rack.
The innovative design gives you an instantly expandable tube rack / workstation

Offering maximum versatility, the 8-by-50mL and 12-by-25 4-way Flipper® racks are intended for use with most popular laboratory tube sizes. The small footprint makes these handy racks convenient on the bench, under the hood and in a wide range of other situations.

 Revolver workstation

 Revolver-the ultimate workstation
Add or subtract rack units to suit your needs
PCR plate configuration
Rotate and lock mechanism
 SlipLock Flipper® & 4 way Flipper® Racks
SlipLock Flipper®

4 way Flipper® Racks

Slip racks together
Lock for bigger workstation
Stack for storage
Fits into standard freezer racking
 Freezer Racks
Freezer Racks

Versatile storage
Bright, attractive colors
Durable and robust
Hinged lid on 50 & 100 place
Lift-off lid on 81 place
Stores tubes up to 2.0mL
 15 & 50mL tube Racks
15 & 50mL tube Rack

15 & 50mL tube Racks

Convenient freezer storage
Unique pull tab
Clear printed grid
Fits in standard freezer racking
 80 Place Lab Racks
80 Place Lab Rack

80 Place Lab Racks

Fraction collector
Versatile and efficient storage
Huge choice of colors
Tubes up to 2.0mL
 PCR work up Rack

 96 position work up rack

96 position work up rack

Working storage rack for PCR processing.
Standard spacing for striptubes or plates.
Snaps into workstation.

 PCR workstation

Workstation holds all Commonly used tube sizes.
32 individual 0.2mL tubes.
24 × 1.5 or 2.0mL tubes.
16 0.5mL tubes.
Ideal platform to satisfy all pre- or post- PCR sampling applications.
Molded alphanumeric indexing for fast and accurate identification
 Stacking PCR work up Racks
 Features Stacking PCR work up Rack

Stacking PCR work up Racks

Easy stacking
Lid clicks into place
Stable work platform
Accommodates unskirted, semi-skirted and skirted 96-well PCR plates
Accommodates strip PCR tubes
 Isofreeze® color change Racks
Isofreeze® color change Rack

Isofreeze® color change Racks

Isofreeze color change Racks

Maintains a sample temperature of less than 4 degrees C for almost 4 hours (with lid on rack) when at room temperature.
Color change plastic enables you to see how cold your samples are
IsoFreeze color change racks have a dramatic change to a contrasting color at 7 degrees C.
 IsoFreeze® Flipper
IsoFreeze® Flipper

IsoFreeze temperature maintenance racks
Consistent thermal protection
One side holds up to 20 2.0mL tubes
Flip side holds up to 20 0.5mL tubes
Robust polycarbonate manufacture
Safe chilled and stable storage for PCR reagents, cells, enzymes or other temperature sensitive reagents.
IsoFreeze Flipper is available in two temperature ranges
Blue -20 degrees C unit will maintain a temperature between -10 degrees and -20 degrees C for up to three hours
White 0 degrees C unit will maintain a temperature of 0 degrees C for a minimum of five hours
 CryoFreeze® storage Racks
CryoFreeze® storage Racks

Durable polycarbonate
Transparent colors
CryoFreeze racks for use at ultra low temperatures
Polycarbonate construction means these racks will withstand -196 degrees C (LN2)
Vents and holes in both base and lid so that there is always rapid draining
Index numerals are printed on the rack base
CryoFreeze racks will readily accommodate all standards microtubes as well as cryovials
Crystal-clear lid included.
 Specialty Racks
 Beta Shield ® rack Specialty Racks

Beta Shield ® rack

Floater ® racks

Blocks ß-radiation on the bench
Minimum wall thickness of 5/16 inch (8mm) for the 8 position and 5/8 inch (16mm) for the 24 position
 Floater ® racks
Molded-in buoys give exceptional stability in a water bath
Can be placed in an ice bath
The hinged lid container can be used as a mini-ice bath
24 holes for 1.5 or 2.0mL tubes and 15 holes for 0.5mL tubes
 Bullet Boxes
Conical based tube positions provide greater support
Frosted writing areas
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